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Bone Grafting

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How Does Bone Grafting Work?

Your oral surgeon will take a segment of bone from another part of your body and place it in your jawbone. This process creates a solid, supportive base for a dental implant. The graft may take a few months to grow enough new bone to hold the implant.

How Much Is Bone Grafting?

Your total cost is based on the type of bone graft you need and whether you need additional follow-up procedures. You may have some insurance coverage that can help reduce your overall bone graft cost. Keep in mind that synthetic bone material usually costs less than harvesting your own bone material for the graft.

Is a Sinus Lift Expensive?

A sinus lift is a procedure that raises your sinus membrane to accommodate the bone support needed to secure your dental implant. Your sinus lift cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the complexity of your situation and whether additional procedures, X-rays and medications are required. Our team is always available to work with you to find affordable solutions.

Sedation Dentistry

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Our dentists that use sedation dentistry are committed to keeping you safe throughout your treatment in our practice. They use a number of methods to prevent pain during procedures, including local topical and injectable anesthetics and nitrous oxide. In addition, our oral surgeons may administer IV sedation dentistry during surgery.

What’s the Cost of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry costs range widely, depending on the type of sedation you receive. Your insurance may cover part or all of the sedation, and you can check your coverage through your insurance provider. Keep in mind that local anesthesia and nitrous oxide usually are lower in cost than IV sedation.

Tooth Extractions

What’s Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Dental extraction surgery is a bit more complicated than a routine extraction because the tooth hasn’t fully erupted. The oral surgeon will administer sedation to the patient to maintain the patient’s comfort, then the surgeon will make an incision in the gum and extract the tooth.

What Does Tooth Extraction Cost?

Typically, the location of your tooth, your need for follow-up care and your insurance coverage affect your total dental extraction cost. You’ll receive an estimate for your expected tooth removal costs when you meet with our oral surgeon.

What Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost?

Your wisdom tooth removal price depends on the health of your wisdom tooth, the complexity of your situation and how many teeth you’re having extracted. Our oral surgeon will administer anesthesia to ensure the procedure is painless, and the type of anesthesia may also affect your cost.

Oral Pathology

Why Was I Sent To an Oral Pathologist?

You may have been referred to our oral pathologist in Downtown Austin if you have a symptom of an oral pathology or disease. These warning signs include lumps in your cheek, abnormal patches of skin on your soft mouth tissues and discolorations.

How Does Oral Cancer Screening Work?

Annual dental exams usually include an oral cancer screening, during which time your dentist examines your mouth and oral cavity for signs of cancer. This routine oral cancer detection process is vital to diagnosing problems early.

Are Oral Cancer Treatments Costly?

The cost of treatment is very personalized, depending on the type and severity of cancer. Other oral cancer treatment options also affect the total cost, such as the need for surgery and the number of drug therapy sessions required.

IV Sedation

How Can I Find an IV Sedation Dentist Near Me?

Call our office if you have been wondering, “Is there a qualified IV sedation dentist near me?” Our dentists are skilled in sleep dentistry and providing solutions to very anxious patients.

What Does Dental Sedation Cost?

Your sedation costs depend on issues such as the duration of your procedure, insurance coverage and the expertise level of your dentist. Rest assured that your dentist will provide you with an estimate before treatment.

Oral Surgeon

What Can an Oral Surgeon Do?

An oral surgeon provides a wide range of dental and oral surgery treatments such as dental implants, oral pathology treatment, extraction of impacted wisdom teeth and sleep apnea diagnosis.

Is Oral Surgery Expensive?

You shouldn’t be left wondering, “How much does oral surgery cost?” Give our dental office a call today and we can provide you with more information. There are a number of variables that affect your oral surgery cost, including the type of treatment you’ll have and your insurance coverage.

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