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A dental emergency can ruin your day, unless you make an appointment at an emergency dental office. If you know that pain relief is on the way, you can usually get by with OTC painkillers until your appointment.

Where Do I Go For Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

If you are looking for “emergency dental in my area,” call our office near Downtown Austin. If you are in pain, experiencing uncomfortable swelling or are in pain from any other dental problem, we will schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible. You will find that our office is comfortable and that our friendly staff will put you at ease.

What Does it Cost to Get a Tooth Pulled?

A tooth extraction, like the other emergency services that we offer, varies in price. The location of the tooth in your mouth and the condition of the tooth help determine our fee, which is why we cannot quote prices over the phone. Contact our office and schedule an appointment with one of our emergency dentists. He or she can provide you with an estimate after your examination.

Emergency Dental Services

What Procedures Are Regarded as Emergency Dental Services?

While a fractured jaw or a lost crown are emergencies, most people arrive at our emergency dental office because they have tooth pain that they cannot bear. Below are a few of the services that we offer that will relieve tooth pain:

Emergency Extractions: Our dentists will always try to save a tooth, but there are times when an emergency extraction is the only option.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Our dentists can perform emergency wisdom teeth extractions on infected or crooked wisdom teeth that are causing you discomfort.

Root Canals: Root canals save teeth by removing infected pulp. The procedure offers relief from the excruciating pain of a deeply infected tooth.

Root Canals for Children: Parents are usually surprised to hear that their child needs root canal therapy on a baby tooth. Our dentist generally will not extract a tooth causing a child pain, unless it was about to fall out by itself.

Tooth Extractions: Our emergency dental office offers non-emergency extractions as well.

When Do I Need to Make an Appointment with an Urgent Care Dentist?

Severe pain usually drives the most reluctant person to an urgent dental care clinic. If you are experiencing any of the problems below, give our office a call and we will squeeze you in as soon as possible.

Abscessed Teeth: Abscessed teeth are so painful that you need urgent dental care for relief. An abscessed tooth typically is accompanied by swelling and a fever. Contact our office right away and we will schedule an emergency appointment for you.

Broken or Cracked Teeth: It is usually painful to chew if you have a crack or break in your tooth. Call our office to schedule an appointment, even if you do not feel any pain. The break or crack makes the tooth more vulnerable to decay.

Broken or Fractured Jaws: Contact our office ASAP if you believe your jaw is injured.

Broken, Loose or Lost Crowns: You do not want to leave a tooth that has lost a cap unprotected. It is vulnerable to damage.

Dental Infections: You may develop a dental infection at your gum line if you skip regular professional cleanings. We can help get you back on track.

Knocked-out Teeth: Try to put the tooth back in the socket. You can hold it there by biting down on a piece of gauze. If the tooth will not go back in, put it in a glass of milk, not water, and call our emergency dental office right away. Do not attempt to put a small child’s tooth back in the socket.

Loose or Lost Fillings: If your filling falls out, call our office for an appointment. Do not use any of the DIY filling repair products sold online, as a dentist needs to determine why the filling fell out.

Severe Facial or Gum Swelling: You should always visit a dentist if you have facial or gum swelling, as this is a clear sign that something is wrong.

Severe Toothaches: There is no need to suffer with a severe toothache. An emergency dentist can diagnose the problem and alleviate your pain.

Are Dental Emergencies Expensive?

Our affordable fees will help ease the pain of an unexpected dental bill. We also accept most dental insurance plans. If you are uninsured, consider the MetroCare Dental Plan. We are a preferred provider of the plan, which offers substantial savings on dental care. For routine checkups and cleanings, there is no charge, which helps prevent dental emergencies by catching problems while they are small. Call our office to discover how the MetroCare Dental Plan can help you with its immediate coverage and savings on emergency procedures.

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