Root Canals in Cedar Park

Years ago, it was common to extract teeth that were badly damaged or decayed. But today, dentists can save diseased or damaged teeth and restore your smile with root canal therapy. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity or have oral pain, the nerve inside your tooth may be inflamed. There’s no need to suffer any longer! Contact our office today, and let us help you find relief to your tooth pain with root canal treatment in Cedar Park.

Root Canal Procedure

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Even if your tooth is damaged or infected, receiving a root canal is a painless and effective procedure that can save your natural tooth. During your appointment, our dentists will examine your mouth and determine if you are an ideal candidate for root canal therapy. Once your root canal is over, you can look forward to a restored smile and relief from dental pain.

What Does a Root Canal Procedure Entail?

It’s common to feel anxious if you need a dental root canal as dental anxiety is not uncommon, but our patients are usually surprised by how painless the procedure really is. Using anesthetics and other techniques to keep patients relaxed ensures that the procedure is comfortable.

Pulp is a type of tissue found inside each one of your teeth, underneath the dentin and white enamel. This soft tissue provides the tooth with nutrients and contains nerves and blood vessels. Once your tooth is fully developed, it can survive without the pulp tissue because it receives nourishment from the surrounding tissues. Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the pulp becomes infected or inflamed. If the tooth is left untreated, you may develop a serious infection or a dental abscess may form, causing severe pain and requiring more costly procedures.

Before beginning root canal therapy, the dentist administers a local anesthetic. Then, the inflamed pulp is carefully removed from a small opening in the top of the tooth. After cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth, it’s filled with gutta percha, a material with a consistency similar to rubber. Finally, a natural-looking crown is placed on the tooth to restore it to full function.

Will I Need a Root Canal Dentist or Specialist to Perform My Procedure?

Most straightforward root canals can be performed by your general dentist. However, for complex cases, such as a canal that’s difficult to find or molars that have more than one canal, you may need to see a specialist called an endodontist.

When you come into our office for your appointment, the dentist will examine your mouth and determine if your procedure can be performed in our office. The dentist will also give you more information about the course of treatment and receive an estimate on what your visit will cost. If you need root canal treatment in Cedar Park, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away for an appointment.

What’s the Cost for a Root Canal?

Our dentists believe that receiving quality dental care is an investment in your health, and we understand the concerns you might have regarding payment. If you need a root canal, it’s important to receive prompt treatment. Tooth loss can occur if treatment is delayed, and there is also the risk of developing a serious infection that spreads to your face and neck.

The total cost of your root canal is determined by several factors, including the location of the tooth that needs to be repaired, how many roots the tooth has, how badly decayed the tooth is, and if you receive treatment from an endodontist or general dentist. Whether you have dental insurance also plays a role in your total cost since your plan may cover a portion of the treatment. Contact your provider for more information about the coverage your plan provides.

We strive to make dental care affordable for every patient. Our staff is happy to help you get the most from your insurance, but even if you’re without insurance coverage, we may still have a solution that meets your needs. You may be eligible for a flexible payment plan to repay your balance in monthly installments.

If you have tooth pain, there’s no need to delay treatment any longer. We encourage you to call our office to schedule an appointment, so you can learn more about root canal treatment in Cedar Park.

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