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Dental Hygiene

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Why Is Oral Hygiene Important?

You cannot enjoy good oral health without good oral hygiene. Oral hygiene practices include daily brushing and flossing and receiving regular dental exams.

Dental Services for Children

Are Dental Services for Kids Important?

Dental services for kids are vital. Routine exams can catch small issues before they become major problems and teach your child proper oral hygiene habits from an early age.

Dental Exams

How Long Do Dentist Exams Take?

If you have good dental health, exams take less than an hour. If you have gum disease or any other condition where our dentist will want to monitor its progress, your exam will take longer. Call our office today to schedule your exam.

Are Dentist Exams Expensive?

Dental exams at our office are affordable. We base the cost on your dental health, which determines how long the exam takes, and whether you have dental insurance.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

Do I Need to See a Dentist If I Have Gingivitis?

Professional care can reverse gingivitis. Our dentist will ensure that nothing, like dental work, can Keep you from easily removing plaque and tartar from your teeth again.

What Would Treatment for Gingivitis Cost?

The price of gingivitis treatment is contingent on the course of treatment, which may include a professional teeth cleaning or a deep cleaning.

Mouth Guards - Sports

Why Do I Need a Professionally-Made Sports Mouth Guard?

You need a professionally-made sports mouth guard for all high impact and collision sports to have the protection you need. A lost tooth is expensive to replace; you need a professional mouth guard that offers much better protection than a boil-and-bite mouth guard.

What Does a Professionally-Made Mouth Guard Cost?

Your mouth guard for sports is a custom creation. Call us to schedule an appointment. Once our dentist knows what you need, he or she can give you a price estimate for your sports mouth guard.

Night Guards

What Is a Dental Night Guard?

It is a custom-made appliance for people that grind their teeth, designed to prevent damage to the teeth. Our dentist sends an impression of your teeth to a dental lab, which creates a night guard that fits perfectly.

What Does a Dental Night Guard Cost?

You would have to discuss your night guard cost with our dentist after he or she performs an examination and determines what you’ll need.

Does a Dental Night Guard Prevent Bruxism?

No, a dental night guard prevents you from wearing the enamel off of your teeth, but you will still grind your teeth. A dental night guard also prevents cracked fillings and chipped teeth.

Nitrous Oxide

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe?

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is very safe and effective at eliminating any anxiety you feel about the upcoming procedure.

Is There a Set Fee for Nitrous Oxide?

Ask our dentist if laughing gas is right for you; our dentist can estimate how much of the gas you will use. The price may be determined on a per-visit or per-hour fee for nitrous oxide.

Oral Cancer Screening

What Is a Basic Oral Cancer Screening?

A basic oral cancer screening, like our dentist does during an exam, involves a visual inspection of your gums, tongue, lips, and the inside of your mouth.

How Much Is a Basic Oral Cancer Screening?

Typically, a basic mouth cancer screening is part of your routine exam. Our dentist may want to perform a more in-depth test, for an additional fee. This will happen if you have risk factors that would make you more likely to get oral cancer.


What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants make the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars smooth by providing a thin plastic coating to protect teeth. This reduces cavities in these teeth by preventing bacteria from getting caught in the pits and grooves. Dental sealants are available for both children and adults.

What will Teeth Sealants cost?

Teeth sealants vary in cost depending on how many teeth you have sealed and how much is covered by your dental insurance.

Sedation Dentistry

Can Sedation Dentistry Really Help Dental Anxiety?

Yes, sedation dentistry can relieve dental anxiety. If nitrous oxide isn’t enough to calm your fears, we can give you a sedative, which you will take before the procedure. We also offer other types of sedation dentistry, so call our office today to find out more.

What Does Sedation Dentist Cost Patients?

The type and amount of sedation given to you determine your sedation dentistry cost.

How Can I Be Sure that Oral Sedation Dentistry Is Safe?

Avoiding having an abscessed tooth taken care of because of your anxiety is far more dangerous than sedation dentistry. If you have any anxiety or will be having a lengthy procedure performed, oral sedation is a good option for making your more comfortable. You should inform our dentist if you are allergic to any sedation medications.

Dentist X-rays

How Often Will a Dentist Want to take X-rays?

You may not need an X-ray at each routine exam unless you are at risk for tooth decay or gum disease. Our dentist will explain your risk factors and the frequency that he or she will want to take X-rays.

What Do X-rays Usually Cost?

Fortunately, X-rays are covered under almost all dental insurance plans when they are taken as a preventative measure.

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