Fillings, Crowns, Bridges & Dentures in Cedar Park

Dental Crowns

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Should I Choose a Dental Crown for My Misaligned Teeth?

Dental crowns are caps made of gold, porcelain or other durable materials that fit over damaged, broken or fragile teeth to provide added support and protection. At our dental practice, we provide our patients with advanced and practical dental care in Cedar Park, including dental crowns. We work with you to ensure that you receive affordable treatment plans for your needs.

What Are the Costs Associated with Dental Crowns?

Our dental staff can help you determine the most affordable materials for your dental crowns and will work with your insurance plan to reduce your out-of-pocket costs by ensuring your receive your maximum benefits. We take pride in offering practical and affordable options for our patients in the Cedar Park area.

Dental Bridges

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are used to replace multiple teeth with a dental appliance that slots neatly between your remaining teeth. This can enhance your appearance and improve your bite to help you feel more confident in social and professional situations. Your dentist will discuss your available options and will help you choose the one that is just right for you.

What Are the Costs Associated with Dental Bridges?

The cost of your dental bridge will depend on the amount of work required to complete the treatments, and the cost of the materials used. We will discuss the financial aspects of your treatment plan with you to ensure that you are comfortable with the price you will pay.


Can I Use Dentures to Replace All of My Teeth?

Dentures are plates attached to artificial teeth. The plates are designed to fit snugly over the upper or lower gums and to replace your natural teeth in the most comfortable and practical way possible. You can choose from several different types of dentures, including immediate, full, and partial dentures.

How Much Will My Set of Dentures Cost?

Your dentures will vary in cost depending on whether you need just uppers, just lowers or both. The materials chosen will also play a significant role in the amount you will pay for your dentures. Finally, the extent of work that must be performed to prepare your mouth for dentures can also affect how much you pay.

Are Full Dentures for Me?

Full dentures offer complete replacement for upper or lower teeth. Plates are fabricated that conform to the shape of your mouth and provide a secure attachment point for artificial or false teeth. This can help you chew, eat, speak and smile more naturally after the extraction of your teeth.

Should I Choose Partial Dentures?

If you are only missing a few teeth, partial dentures may be a good solution for you. Our dental team will discuss the options available to you and will provide you with affordable and practical solutions for your missing teeth and your overall appearance.

Are Flipper Teeth Available in Cedar Park?

Flipper teeth are exceptionally affordable and provide replacement for one or two teeth in a lightweight dental appliance. These options are especially useful for those who want a comfortable solution to missing teeth while they wait for their permanent solution.

Are Immediate Dentures Effective?

As their name suggests, immediate dentures are applied immediately after the extraction of teeth and are designed to eliminate the waiting period between complete extraction procedures and the application of false teeth.

Dental Fillings

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are intended to provide added support and to prevent further decay in teeth that have cavities. Fillings are available in a range of materials to suit your needs and your teeth.

What Will I Pay for Dental Fillings?

In most cases, the price of your dental fillings will depend on the materials you and your dentist decide on for these procedures.

Is a Composite Filling Tooth Colored?

Composite fillings are specifically designed to look like the natural enamel of your teeth. This can make your fillings less obvious and can ensure the most attractive appearance after your dental procedures.


Are Dental Onlays for Me?

Dental onlays are a larger form of filling that extends over the cusp of the tooth, restoring function for damaged or malformed teeth that have old fillings. This procedure can ensure your teeth are protected from bacteria and decay.

How Much Will My Onlays Cost?

Onlays typically cost somewhat more than fillings because of the added need for precise fabrication, but we won’t be able to provide a cost estimate until after our dentist has examined your tooth. Our dentists will work with you to make sure that your treatment is as affordable as possible.

How Do Dental Overlays Work?

Overlays are similar in function to dental crowns and provide added structural support by adding a layer of material to enhance the appearance and functionality of your teeth. These are used when a tooth has extensive damage.

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