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Dental Hygiene

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Who Should Be Concerned About Dental Hygiene?

People of all ages should practice good oral hygiene habits by keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy. This helps to avoid the development of cavity causing bacteria and decay.

Dental Services for Children

What Does Basic Children’s Dental Care Include?

Typical children’s dental services include regular teeth cleanings, X-rays and instruction on how to clean teeth. Kids dental care also includes treatment for problems such as cavities and gum disease.

Dental Exams

How Often Should Dental Exams Be Scheduled?

You should schedule a routine dental examination every six months to ensure that your teeth, gums and mouth are healthy.

What Do Dental Exam Costs Include?

The cost of dental exams ranges according to the health of your gums and teeth and the scope of your insurance coverage.

Gingivitis/Gum Disease Treatment

Is Gingivitis Gum Treatment Complicated?

Basic gingivitis gum treatment involves a deep cleaning that removes the plaque, debris and bacteria that cause inflammation.

Does Insurance Cover Gingivitis Gum Treatment?

Often, dental insurance covers part of the cost of deep cleanings, although you may need to watch your annual benefit cap. Call our office for information about gum disease treatment costs.

Mouth Guards - Sports

Can Sports Mouth Guards Be Customized?

Yes, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth to create a one-of-a-kind, custom-made sports mouth guard for you. The mouth guard is an important protective device.

Are Custom Sports Mouth Guards Costly?

While custom sports mouth guards cost more than store-bought mouth guards, many athletes find that the customized guard is more comfortable and effective at protecting teeth.

Night Guards

How Long Do Night Mouth Guards Last?

Unless you have stopped grinding your teeth, you will need to keep wearing a mouth guard at night. While every person and every night guard is unique, custom night mouth guards typically last 5 to 10 years, depending on the intensity of your grinding.

Are Custom Night Guards Worth the Cost?

A custom night guard is tailor-made for you, so it is more comfortable and effective than a standard night guard. Many patients find the investment is worth the benefits.

What Does a Bruxism Guard Do?

A bruxism mouth guard is a plastic device made to fit your upper or lower teeth. The plastic guard cushions teeth to prevent them from grinding against each other at night.

Nitrous Oxide

Is Nitrous Oxide Better Than Other Anesthesia?

Many patients prefer nitrous oxide for dental sedation because it is easily inhaled, it creates a feeling of relaxation, and its effects are quickly initiated and stopped.

How Much Are the Fees for Nitrous Oxide?

The cost of nitrous oxide dental sedation depends on a few variables, such as the duration of the procedure and insurance coverage. While some insurance policies partially cover medically necessary sedation, the sedation may not be covered if it’s used to calm dental anxiety.

Oral Cancer Screening

What Is Involved in Mouth Cancer Screening?

During your regular dental visit, your dentist will carefully look at your teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue, watching for lesions and abnormal skin cells that could be signs of cancer.

Will My Insurance Pay for Oral Cancer Screening Costs?

Many insurance providers partially cover mouth cancer screening costs. If cancer is found, our dentist will develop a treatment plan and cost estimate for you.


How Long Does It Take to Apply Tooth Sealants?

It takes just a few minutes to apply tooth sealants. Your tooth is prepared with a gel, then a thin layer of sealant is applied. The plastic sealant is hardened when exposed to a special light.

What Are Typical Dental Sealant Costs?

Your overall sealant cost hinges on issues such as how many teeth are to be treated with sealant and whether your insurance covers the procedure.

Sedation Dentistry

What Happens During Sedation Dentistry?

The details of sedation dental care depend partly on the type of sedation. In most cases, patients are moderately sedated, although they aren’t fully asleep.

Is Dental Sedation Costly?

Insurance may help to defray dental sedation costs. The type of sedation used and the duration of sedation also affect the price for sedation dental treatment.

When Is Oral Sedation Recommended?

Oral conscious sedation is often recommended for patients with extreme dental anxiety or phobia and for patients with extremely sensitive oral nerves. Notify your dentist if you have conditions such as sleep apnea or breathing problems.

Dental X-rays

What Do Teeth X-rays Show?

Dental X-rays are important diagnostic tools that can reveal the health of the inner parts of your teeth, your tooth roots and jawbone, and they can show cavities and abscesses.

Are Teeth X-rays Costs Expensive?

Dental X-rays are an affordable and cost-effective diagnostic tool. Insurance often covers dental X-ray costs.

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