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Dental Crowns

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What Does a Dental Crown Do?

After a root canal or other procedure to remove tooth decay, teeth can be left in a fragile condition. Dental crowns can be used to cover the entire tooth and to provide a hard outer shell that can prevent damage during biting or chewing. Our dental team can provide you with help and guidance on these treatment options. We offer comprehensive and effective dental services in Belterra.

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

Your dental crown will usually be fabricated from metal, porcelain or gold. The price you will pay will depend in part on which material you choose. We can provide you with affordable options to ensure that you receive the treatment that is just right for you and your budget.

Dental Bridges

Are Dental Bridges Used to Replace Missing Teeth?

Our dentists can design and apply dental bridges that can fill in missing teeth to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Dental bridges are fitted precisely to your mouth and provide you with artificial teeth that bridge gaps between your natural teeth. This can help you look and feel your very best every day.

Are Dental Bridges Costly Appliances?

The price you will pay for dental bridge will depend on the type of bridge you choose and the materials used to construct it. The number of teeth to be replaced will also play a role in determining the final cost of your dental bridge. Get in contact with our dental office today, and we can provide more information about the process of getting a dental bridge.


Can Dentures Replace Missing Teeth?

Dentures are teeth attached to plates that have been customized to fit your mouth precisely. These teeth are used to replace your own missing or extracted teeth and can allow you to bite, chew, and speak more normally. Our team of dentists will work with you throughout the extraction and fabrication process to ensure that your dentures fit perfectly and suit your needs.

What Will Dentures Cost?

Our dentists will discuss the costs and payment options with you before beginning your treatment process. This can allow you to deal with any budget concerns before starting the process to obtain dentures.

How Will My Full Dentures Work?

Full dentures provide complete replacement of teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Most patients opt to have both upper and lower dentures made at the same time to reduce the overall recovery time for dealing with multiple extractions and to ensure that they can bite, chew and speak as soon as possible after the procedure is complete.

What Are the Benefits of Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures work in a similar way to full dentures. These dental appliances, however, are designed for patients who need to replace only some of their teeth on the upper or lower part of their jaw. If you would like to know more about partial dentures in Belterra, we would be happy to provide you with more information during your consultation.

Can I Use Flipper Teeth Permanently?

Flipper teeth are small, partial dentures that are lightweight and replace only a few teeth for our patients. These appliances generally are used while patients are waiting for permanent replacement teeth.

Dental Fillings

Can a Dental Filling Fix My Cavity?

Dental fillings are used to seal off cavities and to fill the inside of teeth that have sustained damage from tooth decay. In general, fillings may consist of metal alloys, gold or composite materials, each offering different advantages.

Is a Dental Filling Covered by Insurance?

Most of the time, fillings are considered necessary dental treatment and at least partially covered by insurance. The price you will pay for dental fillings depends almost entirely on the materials you choose. Our dentists will be happy to provide you with accurate information on the cost of various materials and the overall amount you will pay for your dental filling procedure.

Are Composite Fillings Durable?

Composite fillings are designed to blend in with your tooth’s natural enamel color. This can help you feel more confident in the brilliance and beauty of your smile, and make your fillings less noticeable.


Can I Fix My Cavity with a Dental Onlay?

A dental onlay is used when a filling is not adequate to restore the shape, appearance and function of a tooth that has been damaged from decay or when an old filling needs to be replaced. Dental onlays must be designed and fabricated to fit your tooth precisely, and they provide greater protection than a filling alone, without requiring a crown.

What Will My Onlays Cost?

Onlays may be covered by your dental plan if they are needed to restore the function of your teeth. We will work with you to keep your costs as low as possible and to make sure you receive the treatment that’s right for your situation.

What Are Dental Overlays?

Overlays are used to provide structural strength for teeth that do not need the full support of a dental crown. Overlays can also be used for cosmetic purposes.

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