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Dental Crowns

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How Does a Dental Crown Work?

A dental crown is a permanent cap that covers one or more damaged or misaligned teeth. Crowns are available in porcelain, ceramic, gold, and several other materials.

Can I Get a Low Cost Dental Crown in Austin

Our dental office in Austin strives to provide quality, affordable crowns to our patients. Your cost will depend on your unique needs so call our office to schedule a consultation.

Dental Bridges

What Types of Dental Bridges Are Available?

We provide several types of dental bridges including the traditional style bridge, a cantilever bridge, a single tooth bridge, and a partial bridge. During your consultation at our office in Austin, your dentist will help you select the best type of bridge for your needs.

What’s the Cost of a Dental Bridge in Austin?

The cost of your bridge will be determined by several factors including the number of artificial teeth needed, the materials used, the complexity of the bridge needed, and your insurance coverage. We’ll provide you with a cost estimate and an affordable payment plan during your visit to our office.


Where Can I Get Dentures in Austin?

We strive to provide affordable, quality dentures to our patients because we know how important your smile is to you. Call us in Austin to learn more about our affordable payment options.

What’s the Cost of New Dentures in Austin?

The cost of your dentures will be determined by your unique needs. We’ll do our best to provide you with high-quality dentures at a reasonable cost, by working closely with your dental insurance and introducing our dental payment plans. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

What Do Full Dentures Look Like?

A set of full dentures will appear as natural as possible with natural colored teeth and gums. Full dentures can be secured through implants or with adhesive.

How Are Partial Dentures Attached?

A partial denture uses plastic teeth that are affixed to a base that’s the same color as your gums. Sometimes, a metal framework is used and the denture is secured through the use of acrylic or metal clasps.

What’s the Purpose of Flipper Teeth?

Flipper teeth are temporary replacements for missing teeth. They’re lightweight and can be easily removed for cleaning, and the cost of flipper teeth will depend on the type of material that’s used. Call our office in Austin if you need an appointment for flipper teeth.

How Do Immediate Dentures Work?

Immediate dentures require a minimum of two visits to our office in Austin, although occasionally a patient will require more than two visits. During the initial visit, we’ll measure your mouth and order your permanent dentures. During your second visit, we’ll remove your natural teeth and install your dentures. Many of our patients prefer this two-step option over traditional methods of installing dentures.

Dental Fillings

Can Dental Fillings Fall Out?

Although dental fillings are permanently installed, they can fall out due to trauma, disease, or improper care and maintenance, among other things. If you’ve lost a filling, call our office in Austin today and schedule an appointment. We can replace your lost filling quickly and affordably.

How Much Do Dental Fillings Cost?

The cost of your dental filling will be determined by the material you select and your insurance coverage. Since fillings are deemed a medical necessity, most insurance plans will cover them.

What’s a Composite Filling?

Composite fillings are used for mid-sized and smaller cavities and can take longer to install than metal fillings. Composite fillings are tooth colored and very durable.


Why Are Teeth Onlays Used?

A dental onlay covers the cusp of a tooth that already has a filling, but the filling needs to be replaced or removed. Onlays are typically used for teeth that have extensive cavities.

Are Dental Onlays Expensive?

If you need a dental onlay, your dentist will provide you with a cost estimate. Your cost will be determined by the extent of the work needed, the material chosen, and your insurance coverage. Onlays aren’t painful and your dentist will use a local anesthetic to ensure that you’re comfortable.

How Does a Dental Overlay Work?

A dental overlay covers a more extensive area than an onlay and is sometimes referred to as a partial crown.

What’s the Cost of a Dental Overlay?

Your cost for a dental overlay will be determined by the number of teeth involved, the extent of the damage, the materials you select, and your dental insurance provisions. Call our office in Austin today for an estimate for a dental overlay.

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